Turning science into technology is our business. Whether you just need a few answers or a root-and-branch review, we specialise in unblocking the development pipeline, and smoothing the critical path. If you don’t know anyone else that can do it, the chances are it’s just the kind of project we relish.

What makes TCP Innovations so unusual is the wide range of studies which we have taken on and completed successfully.  The four case studies here illustrate the kind of things we have done, but we enjoy the challenge of working on any aspect of life sciences and their commercialization. In the past three years we have

  • Provided expert opinion in patent litigation
  • Defined the product profile for a new pharmaceutical agent
  • Acted on the scientific advisory board of several biotechnology companies
  • Advised University technology transfer professionals on technology valuations
  • Successfully attracted venture investment into several early-stage companies
  • Performed due diligence work for venture investors
  • Advised on clinical trial design
  • Solved a contamination problem during scale-up and API synthesis
  • Advised several biotechnology companies during licensing negotiations

So take a look at what we have done in the past, then contact us to discuss how we might help you.


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Many scientific studies find their way into high profile public media, such as television, newspapers and magazines. Such studies might link elements of the diet with cancer, environmental pollutants with hyperactivity in children or describe a new genetic variant associated with intelligence.

Unfortunately, interpreting such studies is fraught with difficulty – all the more so if the source is not a peer-reviewed journal article. The authors may have a vested interest in promoting a particular conclusion, and the power of the associated message is therefore lost.

The solution is an independent expert comment on the study. TCP Innovations can provide detailed analysis of a wide range of scientific and technical stories bound for public attention in the media. Our network of analysts, covering all sectors of the life sciences, provides not only the highest quality analysis and commentary, but also ensures the comments are attributed to world-leading scientists from renowned institutions across the globe. No other technical consulting firm gives journalists access to such a broad network of independent scientific excellence.

We have recently been commissioned to provide an independent report on the impact of coronary heart disease on public health in the United Kingdom, as part of Lloyds Pharmacy’s “Ten Years More” Campaign, managed by leading London communications firm Citigate Dewe Rogerson.

Similarly, we have provided an independent conclusions section for the Vitality Index report, published by PruHealth in December 2008, and assisted the communications agency, Lansons, in positioning the story for maximum exposure.

We have provided scientists experienced in broadcasting to support the launch of these and other news-worthy scientific publications, for media interviews and to assist print journalists in developing exciting and accurate copy.

If you are a communications professional or journalist seeking independent technical analysis, comment or support from world-leading scientists with many years experience in media interaction, please contact us to discuss your needs.


Intellectual property is the life-blood of many technology companies, crystallizing the value of R&D investment. But converting patent applications into defensible and valuable patents is a minefield of complexity. Few small technology companies have experienced IP professionals in-house, and patent agents provide excellent process support, but may lack the strategic vision which requires a deeper understanding of the underlying technology.

TCP Innovations provides a series of cost-effective solutions for protecting your most valuable assets. All of the Total Medical Ventures portfolio companies out-source the day-to-day management of their IP estate to TCP Innovations, and we have been responsible for managing more than 200 patent applications in a wide range of jurisdictions.

We have also performed in-depth strategic reviews of the IP portfolio of several clients, providing cost-benefit analyses to support the selection of territories for national filings and highlighting areas which needed further attention. Taking this one stage further, we have also undertaken Opportunity Analyses, identifying novel, commercially valuable applications for technology platforms claimed in our clients’ IP portfolios. This led, for example, to the novel use of bar-coded microparticles for cell-based high throughput screening of drug candidate libraries.

Working closely with our own patent attorneys, Reddie & Grose, we can also add value to IP due diligence surveys. In addition to the usual considerations of freedom-to-operate, validity and (in the case of applications) assessment of likely patentability, we can confirm the extent to which often complex, technical and overlapping claims in multiple patent lineages really do cover the commercial opportunity being pursued by the patent holders.

Our consultants have also provided lectures, seminars and workshops for a range of leading institutions, including the British Heart Foundation, Praxis and Cambridge University, to inform and educate staff on key pillars of IP prosecution. A tailor-made learning experience may be a cost-effective way of training the staff responsible for managing your most valuable assets.

From out-sourced IP management to strategy review, due diligence to seminars, TCP Innovations can help protect, grow and exploit your valuable IP.


Developing a first-in-class drugs may potentially offer the richest rewards, but it comes with a daunting risk profile. With established drug classes, the clinical development path is clear and well trodden, and the obstacles have been clearly illuminated by earlier trailblazers.

One of the most challenging areas is often selection of the lead indication for early development. Even when the molecular mechanism of action is well defined, there may be several (or even many) indications where the drug could potentially be useful.

Choosing the best indication requires integration of many considerations: market size, competition, cost and speed of proof-of-principle clinical trials, likelihood of success and so forth. A clear analytical framework is vital, together with a broad knowledge base across many clinical indications. TCP Innovations can provide both.

We have driven the process of indication selection for the lead product candidate of our portfolio company, Funxional Therapeutics. Having assembled a panel of more than a dozen specialists representing candidate indications, a focus group meeting was held with carefully prepared briefing materials and astute chairmanship, to yield a report and a clear recommendation of the best indications for the lead compound (which was subsequently adopted by the client). The process was independent, transparent and comprehensive, providing external support for the clinical development plan.

Where budgets are more limited, we have also generated a report for Xenova detailing possible clinical indications for a product candidate they had in-licensed. Using our own network, we were able to pull together a comprehensive report without the need for a costly external focus group.

Our input need not stop at indication selection. We have designed early stage clinical development plans (up to Phase II) for a number of products currently in the clinic, and we can support individual aspects of preclinical development (such as regulatory, toxicology, DMPK or CMC) to suit the needs of our clients. Once in the clinic, we have a strong track record in bioanalysis and biostatistics.

For small, or even virtual, companies developing small molecule pharmaceuticals from benchtop to Phase II clinical trials, we have all the expertise you will ever need in our network. Contact us to discuss your project.


Whether starting a new company, licensing in a new technology or acquiring an existing company the issue of technical diligence is key to reducing the risk. Our consultants have participated in a wide range of such transactions, including the merger of FingerPrint Diagnostics and SmartBead, the licensing of technology to Metabometrix and in-licensing from Cambridge Enterprise. In each case, we have provided our clients with technical diligence that they could rely on.

Even once it is clear what the assets to be transacted really consist of, through a comprehensive diligence exercise, that still leaves the often vexed question of valuation. In technology, perhaps more than any other sector, there are few generally applicable rules to aid valuation. Our consultants have perfomed valuation exercises for both prospective purchases and sellers of technology (including technology transfer offices of leading Universities in the UK). Its never an exact science, but having one of our valuation reports can help avoid selling much too cheaply, or holding out for an impossible-to-get price.

Our analysts are constantly monitoring the sector for benchmark valuations for technology assets, including entire companies. These data provide the bed-rock for our valuation activities, as well as underpinning our sector reports which are available to subscribers for free. Contact us to place your name on our subscriber list.

But valuation is not the end of the story, either. The structure of any deal, with up front payments, milestones and royalties offers an almost infinite variety of possibilities each with the same overall valuation. Our consultants have advised on dozens of licensing transactions between them, many involving large multinational companies, and can bring that level of experience to even the smallest company.

Ultimately, though, all deals depend on an accurate assessment of market size for the product(s) being developed. TCP Innovations has performed market research for clinical diagnostics, novel therapeutics and nutraceuticals, and is ideally positioned with access to costly commercial databases to provide its clients with a detailed breakdown of worldwide markets for any new product in the healthcare sector. An independent market assessment can lay the foundations for raising capital, securing a license or selling a business.

Whatever kind of corporate transaction you are considering, TCP Innovations has the experience to add value to the process while keeping control of the costs.


Every project taken on by TCP Innovations will be lead by one of the Principal Consultants, who have extraordinarily broad experience in the biomedical field, from pure academic science to senior management posts, from intellectual property management to private financings.

But impressive as the experience of our Principals is, what makes us able to deliver a unique service, and solve problems that defeated other teams, is our unrivalled network of more than 40 consultants in clinical medicine, academic biological sciences, chemistry, drug development, clinical trials, intellectual property and business development.  Our Principals have the analytical capability to define, and refine, the question – our network provides the answers.

Our clients include small biotechnology companies, multinational pharmaceutical companies, academic institutions and investment houses.

Demand for our services is high, and we currently accept fewer than one in three of the projects we evaluate.  We are looking for challenging projects which will benefit most from our unique approach to problem solving.  Of course, most of our work comes from personal recommendations from our existing client base, but if you have an interesting project, why not contact us to discuss the possibilities?