TCPI Group

Turning science into technology is our business. Whether you just need a few answers or a root-and-branch review, we specialise in unblocking the development pipeline, and smoothing the critical path. If you don’t know anyone else that can do it, the chances are it’s just the kind of project we relish.

TCPI Group is a unique combination of the three elements required to turn exciting science into successful commercial businesses: knowledge (through our leading technical consultancy), implementation (through our CRO business) and resources (through our seed-stage investment fund).

TCP Innovations is a network of individuals with vast experience of early stage biotechnology, spanning the interface between academia and industry. Imagine adding in the experience of our wide range of contacts in clinical medicine, academic biological sciences and chemistry, and the pharmaceutical industry. We can help you solve any problem, from financing to chemical synthesis, in vitro assay development to market profiling, technology valuation to patent protection. Take a look at what we can do to help you deliver your objectives.

Total Scientific is a different kind of specialist Contract Research Organization (CRO). Many CROs are excellent at delivering well-established protocols (such as regulatory toxicology) but struggle when asked to do something a little different. Total Scientific relish the opportunity to innovate on your behalf. . From independent validation of key laboratory results to complex clinical research, if you need it done, why not see how easily we can get it done?

Total Medical Ventures creates biotech companies, providing seed stage investment entwined with the experience to spend it wisely. We have created half a dozen companies in the last two years, and we are always looking for exciting new scientific advances with the potential to be turned to great new businesses.

Whether you are a technology transfer professional in an academic institution, a venture investor, a project manager in a large pharmaceutical company or CEO of an early stage enterprise, there are so many ways we can add value to your business, the only way to find out if we have got what it takes to help you is contact us.