Here are some of the major articles on biotech investing and drug development that have appeared on our DrugBaron blog in the past couple of years. They are free to download and share with your friends and colleagues – no registration is necessary.

The (Statistical) Power and the Glory

The worst possible outcome from a clinical trial is a negative result with a drug that actually works in the chosen indication.
Published December 31st 2011
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Too much skin in the game?

There are very few rules for the biotech investor that win universal approval.
Published December 5th 2011
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Rotten Foundations

How defects in academic publishing are the biggest threat to the commercial life sciences sector
Published October 28th 2011
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Why killing "above average" projects is the only way to rescue biotech's return on investment

Across the whole sector, the return on investment in biotech is poor...
Published September 23rd 2011
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Going Against The Grain

Is it time to take a stand against 'asset favoritism'?
Published August 1st 2011
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Finding Safer Medicines

Medicines need to be safe and effective...
Published July 2nd 2011
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Making Drugs Safer Might Cost You...

The trend to reducing big pharma R&D spend on "conventional" drug discovery seems inevitable...
Published March 3rd 2011
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The Death of Incremental Innovation

Once upon a time it was sufficient to determine if a drug, diagnostic or device delivered some benefit
Published October 7th 2010
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Another Grim Day for Big Science

What if our reliance on science has extended way beyond the ability of the scientific method to deliver?
Published April 21st 2010
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A Penny for your Thoughts

How much value does an idea have today?...
Published January 15th 2010
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To Be Or Not To Be...

The Pros and Cons of the Virtual Biotech Company...
Published November 6th 2009
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Hard Times, Harder Times

To attribute all the woes of the biotech industry to the credit crunch would be too simplistic...
Published July 10th 2009
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